Wildflower. A residential community in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.  

~ Announcements ~
Want to know how to stop the moles from tearing up your beautiful yard? Look for the answer on the FAQ page.
A brief explanation of each page on this site:
Home - You're here.
About us - Explains the neighborhood and has email addresses for board members.
Homes for Sale - This page will have homes within the community which are for sale. (User based)
Our Sponsors - Businesses willing to give wildflower residents a discount.
Contact us - Simple way to get your question to the board
The following require a login to view them:
Board Members - A picture of your board members
Business Directory - Neighborhood residents looking for more work
Classifieds - Anything you want to sell including your time (labor)
Crime Watch - List of 42 phone numbers to call when you need something. Also, links to websites
                          so you know what is being reported in the neighborhood
Documents - Covenants, Meeting minutes, and Archived news
FAQ - Exactly what it says, Frequently Asked Questions
Find A Sitter - Want to go out and can't find a babysitter? This is the place for you (or it will be)
We are currently looking at flower bed improvements. We've received one bid and the cost was more than we thought we should spend, so we are scaling back and doing some of the work ourselves. With that being said, once we have new signs we will replace the pictures on the front page of this site. Please submit your home photo of our neighborhood so we can replace the existing one.
We have two board members putting together a facebook page. More to come on that. We will again have our annual neighborhood garage sale near the beginning of May. We have hired a new lawn care team that will also spray our area to reduce weeds and increase grass. We hired AMAYSING LAWNS to take this responsibility on. Any lawn care companies out there that would like to be considered for 2015 need to submit thier contact info to Learia Group in Norman.
We are also fighting with Ideal Homes over the use of our name for advertising the neighborhood behind us. That neighborhood actually belongs to Featherstone HOA. Hopefully, we'll have those signs changed soon to reflect the correct neighborhood.
WOW!! I didn't realize this until just now, but the winners for 2013 really mimmick the winners from 2012. Okay Christmas season decorators, for 2014 I hope we have new entrants who win. We had 3 brand new judges this year, so this is really surprising. Here is your list of the Christmas/Holiday season decorating contest for 2014:
1st - The Harrell Family
2nd - The Williams Family
3rd - The Works Family
4th - The Lingo Family
Thanks to everyone who participated.
Just wanted to remind anyone visiting our page that the meeting will be tonight at 7 pm. We hope to see all of our neighborhood residents there to get informed on what's happening and to help elect new board members.
May 3, 4, and 5th will be advertised for a neighborhood garage sale. You will have to get your own permit through the city. You can have your garage sale whenever you like, just know we will be advertising it for those 3 days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
First of all, sorry I didn't get this out earlier. We gave out 4 prizes in Dec 2012 for their Christmas/Holiday display. Below are the winners of each gift card.
The Harrell Family
The Lingo Family
The Work Family
Results of the ANNUAL MEETING
We had a very good meeting Tuesday Oct 9th. Thank you to everyone who showed and enjoyed the free food, desserts and congratulatins to those who took home Door Prizes. I have had several inquiries about starting a Neighborhood Watch Association, so that should be happening very soon. It will require us to get 50% of the homes enrolled which should mean simply signing a petition saying you will look out for your neighbors. A resident has presented some ideas for future projects which the board will discuss at our next board meeting. Please feel free to use the contact us through this website for your questions or inquiries. We have recently had several potential home owners contact us with questions, so people are using this site. For those who are selling your home, please submit your home to be listed on this site as well. It is a free service and could find that one person who is looking to move into this wonderful and growing community. Submit anything you want to our site and I will look at it for action. Thank you and keep being great neighbors!
See Archived News Updates on the Documents page.
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Posted on Aug 1st, 2010
Newsletter sent out in July.

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